Workshop Work Bench

Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers

Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers
Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers

Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers    Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers

Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers. Assembled Product Weight: 83 lbs. Size: 120(W)x60.5(D)x156.5(H)cm; 47-1/4"(W)X23-3/4"(D)X61-1/2(H). Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 23.75 x 47.25 x 61.50 Inches.

Versatile for any project you're working on from repair jobs to DIY's and hobbies. Customizable pegboard for organizing tools and hardware within arm's reach - Compatible with 1/8-Inch Pegboard Hooks. Features 2 additional drawers to stow tools and parts away from the open workspace. Enamel-coated work surface top provides a spacious area for working. Lower shelf weight capacity of 200lbs for storing heavy tools and supplies. Built-in power strip for easy use of power tools. Bright LED work light gives you the visibility you need to get the job done accurately. 558lb total weight capacity distributed between pegboard, drawers, worktop, and bottom shelf. Perfect for everything from repair jobs to hobbies, the WORKPRO Multipurpose 48-Inch Workbench with Work Light and Pegboard is designed to help you get the job done.

Featuring 2 spacious drawers, 1 large lower shelf, and pegboard style backing, this workbench has plenty of storage to keep your workspace organized and functioning smoothly. The particle board work surface is designed to withstand heavier jobs while still looking good in your space. The lower shelf of this WORKPRO Multipurpose Workbench is constructed of the same material so it can handle the heavy load of tool storage. Pegboard backing accommodates 1/8-Inch pegboard hooks that allow you to customize and adapt your tool storage in a way that works best for you, so the tools you need are always in arm's reach.

The 2 drawers provide additional tool and supply storage for items you'd like to stow away. The all-steel frame is built strong with a black oxide coating to resist rust and last as long as you need it to. Integrated power strip allows you to conveniently get power to your tools without needing an extension cord, and bright LED work light gives you the visibility you need for the finer details of your projects. Whether you're looking for additional storage or a place to work on DIY projects and repair jobs, the WORKPRO Multipurpose 48-Inch Workbench with Work Light and Pegboard is here to help you get the job done.

This work-bench is good for the price. Bench top and bottom shelfs in particular are impressively thick and nicely finished, compared to skinny beige press-board jobs on other benches. First one arrived damaged and scratched in a completely destroyed box. Box was intact, but all innards were again all over the place. Scratched, but not nearly as bad as the first one.

I needed a place to work so decided not to make a fuss. Bench was easy to assemble, is reasonably sturdy, light is decently bright. Now for some things that could be improved:1 some thin diagonal cross-beams in back and sides would improve rigidity;2 front and rear top and bottom beams are moving in and out, especially top front, when you open and close the drawers. T offer any support for the shelves. A few more holes front/back and a few more bolts would improve this dramatically;3 no power switch on light?

Other than that - it?????? I will implement above mentioned improvements myself just HAS TO improve their carriers.

I bought a bike before, and it also came damaged. S too bad, I probably won?????? The WORKPRO Multi Purpose Workbench. Seems Sturdy enough for my purposes. Great work bench, and just took a little longer to put together by myself, since i actually used washers on every nut.

Like another person said, i spray painted the pegboard to make it last longer, and give it a pop (painted it bright red, and did the handles too to match). Like many of the other reviews, the directions are ridiculous!!! Poor drawing, and hard to understand. Once assembled it's a nice bench.

The overhead light is a big plus. Only issue is it takes a while to put it together.

Nice Workbench for the price paid. After reading other reviews was afraid that it may not be as well built as I was looking for, but when I received it the workbench is very well built and material is a bit heavier than anticipated. Looking forward to getting it put together now and using it.

Good for a light duty RC hobby Bench. I use my Work Bench for my RC hobbies, which works out perfect. Sturdy enough for that, I probably would not use this as an in the garage mechanics workbench, a bit thinly made for any heavy duty use. Since I wanted to sit at my bench I cut off 6in. From the 4 legs and did not use the bottom shelf, as I needed to use a chair to sit at my work bench.

I also tossed out the fluorescent light and installed the brighter and more energy efficient LED lights. For my RC projects this works perfect, been using for a few months now without any problems.

This has a nice crisp precision to it. If you can, put a couple of coats of white paint on the pegboard, it will stay a lot cleaner and nicer to use.

As usual the reviews for this are good and bad. I was tired of using my countertop as a workbench, so i had the bright idea to see if i could find a small workbench i could fit at the end of my bed. I live in an apt that has no space left for ANYTHING.

I saw this one and thought for the price that it couldnt be very good. So i figured, why not try it? For that price who cares if it isn?????? It was scheduled to arrive earlier than scheduled.

As it was less than an hour away, it was suddenly undeliverable because of damage. Inthen contacted to see if they were sending another. I found this out after i chatted with a representative. Again i was eagerly awaiting it.

When it arrived it appeared that it was thrown from vehicle to vehicle while driving on the northway and was used to play mailbox baseball. I anticipated the parts would be missing and or bent and damaged. Surprisingly, no parts missing, and only two pieces were slightly bent and easily bent back into place. If you have any skill at putting things together you can do this. I did have to redo a few things a few times.

But eventually got it together, and was beyond surprised at the quality, size and overall perfectness. It fits perfectly at the end of the bed and holds A LOT of tools on the peg board and below. I did have to add a block of wood to hold up the board that holds up the light to keep it from sagging and warping because there is no support in the middle. This bench allowed me to clear off the counter and free up 2 drawers and a cabinet i had filled with tools. So do i recommend this, heck yes!!!

For that price who cares if it isn??? Good Quality Workbench for the Price.

Fairly sturdy workbench for the price. Not for a serious worker, but good enough for light work. The LED bench light is nice and bright. Took my friend, who has experience in home improvement projects, 4 hours to assemble many, many fasteners! It's great for what my wife is doing.

She makes wreaths and home decor. She has all her tools on the peg board, the work light and outlet allows her to hook up her glue gun and have light.

Keeps her crafting all in one place!! This bench is exactly everything that I wanted for my needs.

My husband liked mine so much that he wants one too! Was the best gift he got.

He'll clean garage to put it in and I'll get a clean garage. Great little workbench for light duty! This is a nice little workbench.

I like it and it took my husband and myself about 45 minutes (together, so 1.5 hr) to put it together. Not too difficult, its a sturdy little workbench. We don't anticipate having to do anything very heavy duty with it so it suits our needs. The part about having to plug in the light in for use is correct but my husband is an engineer so he simply added a switch to the power cord.

The drawers are handy but not too deep and I also bought extra pegs to hang tools and hardware on the pegboard. The 1st one I got was missing parts, the second one I got was used, had already been put together.

Not happy with the condition of the package. But in the end it's a very nice work bench. There is a lot of good workbench for the price.

Assembly is is tedious as there are MANY screws. The directions are pretty good, but study them carefully as there are a couple of tricky steps. The over-bench light is a nice addition, but there is no switch--it must be plugged in and unplugged to turn it on and off. Lots of parts but they are marked well.

The instructions do not take into account that certain actions/assemblies are easier to perform in a different sequence. Great workbench at a descent price. I bought this workbench on a black Friday sale. The bench was easy to put together and is holding up great. I love that it isn't too big and feels sturdy when working on it. The light is nice and bright and the upper area is a shelf as well. There is no built in plug on the side, but that is no big deal. WORKPRO Multi Purpose Workbench with Work Light. Required two people to put together. Better instructions would be helpful.

Not opened it yet but i feel like my husbands going to love it thank you. Took about 3 hours to assemble. Was missing a few nuts, bolts.

Great product, exactly what I needed! Took a while to build, but it has been perfect for my DIY needs. I thought parts were missing at first when I laid out and was accounting for all pieces... Found after reading instructions that where they call for washers and nuts (D) to attach the light (Figure K) you use the screws and bracket that is packed with the light instead of washers and nuts.

Where instructions call for U-Brackets (F) and Screws(E) to attach the power strip to the side beam.... This is already done for you.

The power strip is attached to the side beam with F and E right out of the box. Just wanted to share this info.

All parts were there and I was able to put together with no issues. Caught this on sale and was really glad I bought it. Very sturdy, has an overhead light and electric plug ins for certain workshop applications. I added a full sized vise by drilling thru the top, and it;s very sturdy, needed no other enforcement. 2 drawers on ball bearing assemblies and the put-together product gets 5 STARS, I gave it 4 STARS overall, it took over 4 hours to properly assemble it, and it was short 6 screws, washers, and nuts.

Would not bat an eye about purchasing again. This workbench is perfect sized for a small working area in my garage. It is sturdy, holds all my tools, and gives me an area to work. I will say the instructions are hard to read --- very very tiny pictures. Also when you put the back on be careful with the qty of screws you use---or you will run out!

Overall I thought it was a 6-7 to put together (on a 10 scale with 10 being most difficult). Some of the screws are hard to get in place at the end of the project around the tabletop. But it will work perfect for me!

My workbench was sent with a faulty light. The instructions were ok but could have been more detailed. A couple of the instructions wasn't clear but no big deal. For my purpose this is exactly what I needed. Takes some time to put together but I enjoy the process.

Great place to organize tools for easy access instead searching everywhere. The bench is sturdy and provides a great work space for projects. Got what I payed for. When the package was delivered, it looked as if it had been in a train wreck. After taking everything out, there was only one corner with a nick in it....

The workbench is exactly what I was looking for, as I just needed a place for doing homeowner repairs. It took me and my 17-year-old son about two hours to put it together. That's two hours away from video games and what not so just for that it was worth it.

I have a one car garage and it is good size for that. 1/2 s two hours away from video games and what not so just for that it was worth it.

The WORKPRO Multi Purpose Workbench with Work Ligh. It is just what I was looking for, for small tasks and gun cleaning. I would have gave it 5 stars if the packaging would have been better. The peg board had one corner broke and a small piece at the bottom center due to the packaging.

But it did not effect it's use. It did take 2 hours to put together and all of the screws and nuts were there. It says what it is! I like the finish bench, however, putting it together is something else, although had I not had 2 brain surgerys it might have gone smoothly.

I got this workbench for my sample roaster (I did not put the upper part because of the height of the roaster) and realized that it's very durable, so I got a second on to put next to it. There are several thing I would like to share:1 Double check the package for small parts. I almost throw away the draw handles because it stucks between some packing boards and I did not see it until I need to assembled it;2 Most probably it will not arrive in perfect conditions, especially some edges and corners might wear and tear (the thin one using as hanging wall even has a sort of breaking line on it), but it's OK for me.

I don't need it to be in perfect conditions as other furnitures I will put in my house. For workbench, it does what it suppose to do and does it perfectly;3 The number of nuts and bolts is exactly you need. They do not give any extra as some venders will do. So if you lost anything, you need to find some replacements yourself. And according to the quality, I agree there are some bad nuts and bolts you can not put them together just by hand.

But a plier and a screw will get the job done. 4 Read the instructions carefully and don't assume. I assumed once and put the R and L in the opposite way. You will know why you need to put them in the right way in the next couple steps. So don't be regret as I once did. Overall, it's a excellent item and I will recommend to anyone. Love the light, drawers and electric outlets. Pros-Quality was better than expected.

Cons-No on off switch on led light. Hardware screws are not correct amounts. Some of the assembly instructions were vague and poorly worded. I'm pretty handy w/tools, etc. And this took 3.5 to 4 hrs to assemble.

Bench lite has no on/off. This workbench is a perfect addition to my garage. Difficulty level of construction wasn't too high. However, the hardware needs to be labeled better.

There was no way to tell which nuts and bolts were which. Luckily I have priced most of my furniture together myself so I was able to figure it out.

The bench is sturdy, lightweight and balanced. The built in power strip can be mounted on either side, making it a little more versatile. Would rate it five stars if it wasn't for the non-existent labels on the hardware. Very acceptable unit for the price.

Rather long time to put together - not because it's complicated, but because there are sooooooo many little pieces. Exact number of fasteners included (7/16th are a pain unless you've got the right socket for it) ; several were defective so I had to improvise. Drawer did not fit snugly on right and kept popping off track, had to bend it in manually. With all that aside, the finished product is sturdy, attractive, and functional.

I have no problem storing heavy items on bottom, and work level shelf is strong. For the price, it's a more than adequate unit. Don't expect old school Craftsman quality, and you won't be disappointed. Very complicated to put together but nice item. Easy to put together and it has everything I wanted in a work bench.

It was a gift, but not what my husband needed. Exactly what my husband was looking for to set up in the spare bedroom. Only negative it was missing a few nuts and bolts but we had something that worked. We added a few more peg boards and lights too.

Will not be disappointed, assembly is not for the light. Took 2 folks, and 2.5 hrs. Will be attaching a vise soon. It was easy to put together not being handy I took a while but it work. I paid 10 more but it perfect. Assy instructions mostly good but sometimes had to guess. Great work bench for the price. Good size for home/amateur jobs. This is not a quick project, and as a single person I found it challenging but very worthwhile. Follow instructions CAREFULLY, I took my time and spread this over three days working on a section each day. The directions and pictures are average, wish they showed every piece of hardware, number, and use, but if you have some put it together yourself experience and study the pictures carefully to determine how to place each part, count the holes, make sure you have them facing the correct direction, the results are a very nice bench with great storage.

The pegboard is'so so', but will use until it must be replaced. Also, I cut pieces of 1/4 plywood to line the drawers because I wanted to fill them with relatively heavy tools.

The drawers slide nicely, and kind of'lock' so they do not drop out (nice quality touch). Only other tip, I had to use a'needle nose' plyers in many places to tighten all the hundred at least? This is NOT a'night before Christmas' project, if a gift, start assembly early, but very experienced people could probably do this much faster than I was able to do, or have someone'help' would be a tremendous advantage when installing the drawers and fitting in the work surfaces. Very happy I was not afraid of the challenge, so nice to have everything organized and easy to find in the garage!

Nothing on the market compares.. Good all around garage or shop workbench. Easy for me to assemble. Seems wobbly at first but after assembly it's good. Do what instructions say and leave nuts and bolts loose until completely assembled.

So far so good, fits where I wanted it. Went together ok, except for trying to figure out what screws went where, nothing in directions, if wher they went was noted would have made it easer.

This workbench works just fine for what I plan to do with it in my small metal garage. It was easy to assemble and is perfect size for my small motorcycle work garage. This is just what I needed. A bit time consuming to put together but when it was done it was perfect for my needs.

All the parts are labeled for easy assembly. I would recommend this product. The Workpro Multi Purpose Workbench is really great. It took several hours to put together but after it was all said and done, it is a fantastic workbench.

It feels solid but not too heavy. The built in light provides just the light right where I need it. I also love the built in outlet. All in all, it is well designed and a great deal for the low price. Overall good quality for the price.

Bought 2 of these off of. Com, everything parts wise was included. I did what other people had mentioned and waited till the end to tighten up all your bolts worked out perfectly. Directions could be a little better you just have to be careful when following that's the biggest thing. I put 1 together by myself in a bout 2 hours, the 2md time I had a buddy help and it only took about an hour plus I already knew what to do. Overall for the price great, real sturdy like how the MDF is plastic coated should last a while.

I don't intend on using these to hard mostly for organization of tools and such in our garage. Biggest minus for me was the drawers are a little cheap but I just put small items and such in there as not to break them.

Also the lights don't seem to have an on off switch that I could seem to find so I will be fixing that. Solid piece, well thought out design.

I read a lot of reviews about this thing and thought long and hard about the quality and the value. It was rickety and not very solid at all. That left me with a bad impression for this great piece. If I had made a bad decision, it was going to be one I could live with. As an Engineer with close attention to detail, I found that the magical hardware piece that turns the whole thing into a tank is the washer.

To the naked eye, the washers are all the same, but the truth is that there's a somewhat rough side on the edges, due to the manufacturing process. If you face the washers towards the screw (not the nut), while you put it together, they bite into the sleek metal surfaces they're supposed to, adding stability to the unit as a whole. This is all prior to the wood surfaces you drop into place when its all said and done. The led light is a great feature as well as the side power strip. I added an additional power strip of my own to the setup, for power control because it has no power switch.

It also doesn't come with any hooks for the peg board. I guess I was either lucky or smart enough to put the lightly damaged sides down. I had solid corners on everything but some scuffing and some gouging wasn't deal breaking.

Plan to use about 4 comfortable hours setting this thing up in location with every piece of hardware. It comes with the exact count so don't lose anything, and mind your washers of course. Good product at a good price. Fairly easy to put together, great price, and sturdy. Helps to organize all of those tools that never had a place before, and gives a work surface for projects in the garage.

This is a nice inexpensive workbench that is pretty fairly sturdy. Make sure that you don't tighten the nuts and bolts until the last step. Follow the instructions about to finger tighten the nuts and bolts until you install the ply board, this will square the whole thing up and then you can tighten everything up.

Looks nice in my new storage shed. This is not top of the line but will serve my needs just fine. Like the title says slightly damaged. I had do some hammering to bend a couple of bent parts back into shape.

After all that it came together pretty well. At the end of the day it's a work bench, and it works great for my needs. It is a very good option for your shop or garage. Easy to put together and so usefull. Missing a couple of specifications.

Directions are a lacking, and a lot of screws to deal with. Great height, light works well. A little difficult to read the instructions, but all the parts, pieces, and nuts, bolts, washers, and screws were included. It is a perfect size for what I needed.

The light included is a plus. Works Great, Sturdy once together. The only issue that i had was there were several different screws/nuts/washer combos and the instructions dont tell you which ones go to what holes so you have to guess.

I found the workbench to be very sturdy. It took about 2 1/2 hrs to put together and the instructions were clear.

Product was what I expected and I ordered another one. Think they will give it to me? I had no problems with the assembly, except for some missing parts. The hardware for attaching the light and the hardware for attaching the two laminated partial board surfaces were not included. This is the only product I ever assembled, and I have assembled many over the years that had missing hardware, and no contact info to possibly obtain the parts.

Easy to follow instructions and perfectly machined parts that fit perfectly. Please let me know how I can obtain the missing parts.

This workbench is compact but needs a durable and secure surface extention or accomadation for a bench vise and bench grinder. Casters should also be an option.

Otherwise, it is as advertised. It is worth the investment. Nice medium duty work bench. Keeping in mind that the 3 surfaces on this are laminated particle board (with very minor damage on arrival), overall this unit is pretty sturdy and serves it's purpose.

Can't beat the price. Plan on it taking 2.5-3 hours to assemble by yourself. Good for a low-moderate use workbench.

Took a little bit to get together but it's a nice little work bench. There is no switch on the light, so you have to plug it in every time to turn it on. I don't have it in the garage but it a craft room.

Nice little addition and extra work space. Everything was as it was supposed to be.

Good quality for the price. I don't think you can do better as far as the price, but this isn't meant for heavy duty use. The bench top is sturdy enough, but the drawers definitely won't hold much weight. Same goes for the pegboard. I wouldn't put more than 25 pounds on it, evenly distributed.

The light is an added bonus, but as other reviewers have noted, it doesn't have an on/off switch so you just have to unplug it. One other note, if you have to put this together by yourself, expect to take about 2 hours and a lot of cursing. Everything assembled perfectly with out any damaged parts, all I had to do was reinforce the bench top with plywood after reading some reviews. Nice wok bench; a little flimsy on the leg supports, bent when attempting to slide it across the floor. Cheap light but bright enough; no on/off switch-have to plug it in and unplug it instead.

Not recommended for heavy duty use. My husband is the mechanic he loves it. Really nice gift for your husband or whoever!

This product was just what I needed, a small work table with a pegboard back. It wasn't the easiest product to assemble, but once everything was tight, it works perfect!!

Helps me keep my garage organized! Well made, easy to assemble (although it does take several hours), sturdy, and a good value for the dollar.

Assembly should be viewed as a necessary step to get a bargain price. It took about 3.5 hours. Be careful keeping parts and nuts/bolts/washers separated by size and assembly number. When assembled it is sturdy and firm with a quality feel.

Overall it's a great looking bench. What you see is what you get.

Not a top of the line work bench but very good quality for the price. Would recommend for anyone looking to get a workbench at a low price point. Best price for occasionally projects. Reasonable effort to assembly, good size, top light, side electrical sockets and some storage. Strong enough to put an additional vise, or any work without hitting to hard. Is just perfect for my adhoc handy man garage work. Relatively easy to put together. Bought it with a set of hook assortments for the peg board - which is a must. Wish it were a little sturdier, but overall a great work bench. Should have metal washers for less movement. For the price this bench get the job done. Not industrial strength but good enough for what I need. I was skeptical at first about the quality of the workbench. When assembled it is very sturdy. It was well packaged, but it had two strap marks on the shelf and bench top from what looks like it being carried by the straps.

No big deal though, its a garage work bench. The directions were pretty vague so I did a lot of unscrewing and flipping pieces over or around, but I figured it out. I think my only complaint about the bench is the light doesn't have an switch to turn it off and on, but I can add one to the cord. I painted the pegboard gray, to match my garage walls, and it turned out great. The board is MDF particle board, it won't hold up wellattaching a reloaderholding items weighing heavier than 220 lbsanything that will really jerk or torque the bench or potentially damage the MDF particle boardI'm using it for my hobby and for small parts repair, electronics and as a laptop desk when necessary.

It took me a total of 4 hours over 2 nights to assemble. Would have taken less time but I tried to re-engineer the top shelf so that it would act as a recessed shelf instead of a recessed lamp. You can pull this off, just need to shave off 1/2x 1/8' on the front right and left sides so that instead of mounting the shelf board on the very top, you invert the shelf supports so that it will hold it at the bottom inside. Not recommended unless your willing to put the effort in. It is sturdy for my purposes and though the drawers are flimsy, I'm not planning on holding anything weighing more than 10 lbs in there.

Some things to watch out for are:the condition of the box and packaging. Mine looked like it had been repackaged and there was slight cosmetic damage to one of the large MDF boards and the small shelf board. Mine was only missing 1 washer but have heard of others missing more. Read and view the instructions carefully before each step to avoid having to redo a step.

Except for the drawers themselves, hand tighten all of the screws until you've finished putting it all together. Then go back and level and tighten. It feels real flimsy at first but once you tighten everything it gets real nice and sturdyTake your time with the drawers. Do tighten all the drawer screws. Then make sure they line up with the rails.

They will be unstable until you actually tighten all the screws at the end. I love that it comes in black and the MDF particle board has a melamine coat and plastic protective edges. Came At a good time Works fine. Just needs a switch, then perfect! This is a great workbench. He's been promising to build a better workbench/shelving area for over a year. So I thought I'd save him the trouble. As it was it took 3 months to get to it to put it together, but I digress. It took a few hours with both of us to put it together, but all the parts were there and the instructions were somewhat clear.

It is remarkably sturdy and looks very nice. He was impressed at how much of his ever growing collection of tools he was able to organize and still have room to work. His only complaint was that the LED light strip doesn't have a switch, but since it is an LED, power consumption is minimal and in his words'oh well, if it's going to have a flaw, it's a tiny one. At this price point, I'd wish I'd bought him two ;.

My husband loves these benches--bought 2 for garage ----very sturdy and he loves the electrical outlet and led light!!!! The price was amazing compared to other benches! Customer service is our top priority! Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure that this is the item you want before making a purchasing decision.

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  • Electricity: Integrated power strip
  • Model: 3302
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Multiple Manufacturer Warranty
  • Light: LED work light
  • Drawers: 2 drawers
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 23.75 x 47.25 x 61.50 Inches
  • Item Diameter: Multiple Item Diameter
  • Brand: Workpro
  • Type: Assembly Workstation
  • Capacity: 225 lbs
  • Item Height: 61.6 in
  • Color: Black
  • MPN: 3302
  • Features: Storage Draw, Worktop, Assembly Required, Handles, Cabinet Storage, Scratch Resistant
  • Material: Steel
  • Item Length: 47.4 in
  • Item Width: 23.8 in
  • Item Weight: 30 lbs

Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers    Steel Workbench Tool Storage Garage Work Shop Worktop Table LED Pegboard Drawers